Go west!

My zine got accepted to Aunty Mabel’s zine distro, which is run by the Perth Zine Collective. I did a sneaky copy run before work this morning, and they should be over the other side of the country by the start of next week.

A lot of “zine people” don’t really like my zines. They’re quick to say nice things about my writing, but counter with the fact that it’s not a traditional perzine.*

Sure, I’m not a vegan, lesbian, pushbike-riding zinester who writes about my periods and the oppression of the patriarchy. I’m also not a black-and-white hardcore band lording fanzine writer who dumpster dives, or one of those girls who draws cute little line drawings about cardigans and cats.

Criticism doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is people pretending zines (and maybe blogs and punk for that matter) exist in this magical world where people who get shafted by the mainstream can be unconditionally accepted for who they are.
I just don’t think a place like that exists.

I take photos, I love music and coffee and I tell it how I see it. That’s about the best I can do.

*I think it’s a traditional perzine, but anyway.

4 Thoughts.

  1. Smells Like Zines says you write about depression, couch surfing and band interviews… sounds like a traditional perzine to me.

    Stop sneering about how you’re not a vegan lesbian and concentrate on getting your own shit done.

    • Ouch!
      I guess my point is I think it’s a traditional perzine, so I’m always surprised when I get rejected from zine distros on the grounds that apparently it’s NOT a traditional perzine.
      Also, I’ve put out 6 issues of IAVBAI, 2 stand-alone zines and three musical releases over the past 18 months, all while working full-time.
      I think I’ve got plenty of my own shit done, thanks.

  2. Ah the perennial problem of definitions. Every so often I get the feeling that I am not making zines by some set of mysterious, unwritten, unspoken, but inescapable rules.

    I make a quarterly called ‘Badger’s Dozen’. It’s just a humour zine with poetry and rants and stuff.

    Old SF zine friends call it a ‘fanzine’! A younger zine-reader called it a collaborative zine! I’m not sure whether it’s either. Um, what happens if it isn’t?

    Zines are different to magazines and newspapers and other ‘above-ground’ publications but usually the difference isn’t very important anyway. Mostly I think these ideas about what zines should and shouldn’t be can be laughed at. :)

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