2012: The best, briefly.

Of all my years as a carbon-based life form, 2012 was certainly one of them. It wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t totally horrible, but it was important.
I don’t feel like I have a long list of impressive achievements to rattle off – not any external ones, anyway. That said, some of the things I’m happy about include:

  • Reconnecting with my family and spending some time and effort being a good daughter and big sister.
  • Putting out the Sailormouth EP - my first musical release since I ragequit my music degree in 2008.
  • Writing for a couple of my favourite magazines and websites, and making it down to Melbourne for a writing residency for the Emerging Writers Festival.
  • Mastering my old job in Rockhampton and handing it over to a most excellent replacement.
  • Realising I wanted to move to Melbourne, then doing it.
  • Not killing myself, ruining my life or ending up in hospital.

As far as music’s concerned, I don’t think the internet needs any more top ten lists or self-consciously witty blog posts trying to tie together a take on the year’s musical trends and releases. Instead, I’ve put together two mixtapes of my favourite songs from the past year – one for fans of sick riffs and one for fans of feeling feelings. Put them on in the background while you’re doing other things, and follow up any songs you like.

Enjoy. Or don’t. Do what you want, I’m not your mother.

Best of 2012 – Softer from iamverybusyimportant on 8tracks Radio.

Oh Mercy – Drums
Toy Boats – The Colours Went With You
Fiona Apple – Limp
Something For Kate – Survival Expert
Butterfly Boucher – I Wanted To Be The Sun
The Trouble With Templeton – Bleeders
Ball Park Music – Coming Down
Lana Del Rey – Ride
Lincoln Le Fevre – Get Drunk, See Bands
Sharon Van Etten – Serpents
Elliott Smith – Speed Trials
Shawn Colvin – Get Out Of This House

Best of 2012: Harder from iamverybusyimportant on 8tracks Radio.

High Tension – High Risk, High Rewards
Converge – Aimless Arrow
The Amity Affliction – RIP Bon
King Parrot – Shit On The Liver
Dumbsaint – Cinematic
Baroness – Take My Bones Away
Downpour – Hail Satan
Hot Water Music – State of Grace
Meshuggah – I Am Colossus
Fires of Waco – The Journey Slow
Idylls – Funerals in Queensland
Vayer – Hawg

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