Busy, but still not very important #5

Where I try to overcome my self-loathing about even having a blog by drawing attention to blogs which are actually good.

Anna Spargo-Ryan

Anna writes about anxiety, parenting and anxiety about parenting. She also manages to balance said parenting with work, compulsive tweeting and editing the excellent digital magazine, Bide. Anna’s writing has moved me to tears more than once, and not the tears of frustration which appear after I realise I’ve been link-baited into reading a post on Mamamia. This entry about her eldest daughter’s experience at a school disco got me right in the feels:

I don’t know how to help her make friends because she’s spent 9 years without any, and now when the other kids do show an interest in her she grabs them like a favourite toy and won’t let them go, until they slide out of her grasp like mercury and she says ‘people don’t like me’. I am hard up against a wall that shouts that it’s true, the other kids don’t like her, but it’s not because she’s not clever or funny or pretty or generous or considerate because she is all of those things. How do you look your child in her enormous crazy eyes and try inelegantly to explain that it’s the others who are missing out, not her, when you know from experience that all she wants is to be a normal kid and not give a shit about the needles in her heart and just have one friend– just one – who will cross the road to say hello to her.


Fuck yeah, Gumtree.


Gumtree is the Australian version of Craigslist – online classifieds for almost everything. This blog chronicles the weird shit that people post on there, including things that aren’t actually classified ads.

Chris Arnade


Arnade is a photojournalist who has spent the last few years with the residents of Hunts Point, arguably the worst place in New York. His portraits of sex workers, addicts and the generally down-and-out are as stark and confronting as the stories behind their subjects.

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