Crowdfunding: Give me your money for a thing I may or may not do

“Hi, my name’s Sophie Benjamin and I’m a writer and musician. In order to continue to write and make music and make the world a better place, I need to live in a two bedroom apartment by myself. I’m turning to crowd-funding to raise $150 000 to cover my moving costs and a deposit on said apartment. I could use my own money to do this, but I’d rather not, hey.

$1 – Thanks, I guess.
$20 – a set of guitar/bass strings that I have personally used while writing/playing my music, made into a circular bracelet. They will be rusty from my sweat/skin, which will add to their obvious value as a collectors item.
$30 – a piece of clothing I was going to donate to St Vinnies.
$50 – A coffee date with me. You also have to pay for both our coffees.
$100 – A meeting IRL or on Skype where I tell you all the things you are doing wrong in your life.
$200 – A disposable camera with photos of my interesting life on it. You have to pay to develop it.
$300 – That will pay for a couch in my apartment. I might think of you when I sit on it.
$500 – Access to all my old notebooks and demos. You can read through them and see all the ideas I had that were really shit and didn’t make it to fruition.
$1000 – I promise to never cook for you.”

Seriously though, I think I’m suffering from crowd-funding fatigue. Whatever happened to saving and self-funding, or getting a loan or grant?

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